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Advanced International Training and Supervision:
(German with Interpreting into English)

Family Constellation Work in
Individual, Couples and Group Therapy

Jakob Robert Schneider
Relationship / Marriage / Family / Career and Personal Development Counseling and Family Constellation Training

Sieglinde Schneider
School Counseling / Systemic Family Counseling / Family Constellation Training for Individual Therapy

In this advanced training we will focus on the basic systemic forces that lead to entanglements in relationship systems. The work with figures in individual, couples and family sessions makes it possible to shed clarifying and healing light on the multi-faceted relationship dynamics in families, which are reenacted in the lives of individuals over generations, often in a similar way to that of the father’s and mother’s families or the families of the husband and wife.

In group constellation processes the great variety of relationship processes has to be reduced. How can you cast light on the key dynamic of the soul that needs to be seen and acknowledged so that the client can find a resolution to his/her problem without losing sight of the many familial processes and the corresponding necessary information?

Family constellation work is most effective when the connections between life issues, relationship and behavioral problems or symptoms and the triggering traumatic events in the family and the trans-generational repercussions are revealed. This insight into the events that were repressed in a family and experiencing what reconciles and heals enables us to find surprisingly simple resolutions to current problems in life.

This training will give participants the opportunity to work on personal issues and supervision cases, ask questions about constellation phenomena, methodology and discuss topics such as couples conflict, working with children, depression and perpetrator-victim entanglement.

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Working Time:
Tuesday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday,  9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Participants: about 18

Kirschäckerweg 2
81247 Munich-Obermenzing
(near metro train station on S 2 route to Dachau/Petershausen),
please enter training room through the garage.

EURO 560 (includes small snacks during breaks but not room and board)

Registration: In written form by mail (or use the registration form on our website ( or e-mail.

Conditions: Your registration becomes valid when you pay the EURO 60 deposit on the training fee by means of bank transfer (for participants from European countries, using the international bank codes) or international check (for participants from outside Europe). We ask European participants to transfer the EURO 500 balance (international bank codes) by four weeks before the training starts. Participants from abroad are asked to pay the full fee in cash at the beginning of the training because of the high bank transfer charges. You will then get your check for the registration fee back.

Cancellation: If you cancel before the training starts, we will keep your deposit.
However, we will refund the rest of the fee should you have already paid it by then.

Bank Details:
Jakob Schneider
Germany: Acct. No. 508918
Genossenschaftsbank e.G Munich
Bank code 70169464
International: IBAN: DE53 7016 9464 0000 5089 18

You will receive a list of hotels with the confirmation of your registration. The hotels are all within walking distance from our training site (you will also find the list of hotels and a map on our website). Please book your own accomodations.

You will also receive a map and directions for getting our training site with your confirmation.

Jakob and Sieglinde Schneider
Kirschäckerweg 2
D-81247 Munich
Telephone: 0049/89/8114572 and 0049/89/89160959


Jakob Robert Schneider
Kirschäckerweg 2
D – 81247 München
Telefon 0049 89 – 8114572
Telefax 0049 89 – 89160953


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